100 TINY HABITS For Life

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100 Tiny Habits that make a big difference in your health, wealth & happiness.


1.Money Management

Set Financial goals

Revisit your goals

Look at your budget weekly

invest the gap

Set up auto-pay

Get a 2nd opinion

Treat every $ the same

Make decisions in the A.M.

Review your credit score

Make your money invincible

Rebalance your portfolio

Review investment fees

Review employer benefits

Get a sing up bonus

TINY HABITS: 2.Make & Save Money

Increase your saving rate

Increase principal payments

wait 30-days to buy>$100

wait 1-day(Online Purchases)

Shop your insurance

Put a subscription on hold

Use notification on hold

Only buy what’s on the list

Scan your receipts

Follow maintenance schedules

Buy used over new

Use cash back sites

Get the library extension

Download Honey

Negotiate your bills

Compare 3 quotes

Be the planner

Take a survey a day

Play videos in the background


3.Your Career

Write a thank you note

Ask for a raise

Look for a better job

Send a weekly-recap

Don’t talk bad about coworkers

Schedule email

Reward yourself

Send a congrats

One article a day

One new skill a year

Raise your average

Reward yourself

End the day on a question

4.Your Relationship

Ask how was your day

Kiss for six-seconds

Know the Magic Ratio

Weekly date night

State of the union meetings

Celebrate special occasions


Schedule 15-minutes a day

12 hugs a day

say, wow, you really worked hard

TINY HABITS: 6.Your Productivity

Get outside

Have a batch cook day

Drink water

Eat a salad a day

Get in daily exercise


Drink Water first thing

Use a standing desk

Take the stairs

Designated bedtime

Weigh yourself every week

Track your steps

Honey before bed

No caffeine in afternoons

10-Minutes of Mobility a day

TINY HABITS: 7.Your Happiness

Take 100% responsibility


Start a gratitude journal

Work in a flow state

Have a no-screen day

Plan a vacation


Start a decision journal

Read 10-Pages a day


Read on new book a year

Say something nice to yourself

Do a weekly time budget

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